Five Reasons Why You Should Opt for HIFU Treatment

We put in a lot of resources and effort to make our skin look tight, smooth and younger. Some people’s skins shrink rapidly due to the ageing process and this can make them a bit uncomfortable to be around other people. This is also true in a work environment, especially where your colleagues are still young and energetic.

The use of HIFU for skin treatment was first reported in 2008 which was later approved by the Food and Drug Administration (2009). HIFU means High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This technique utilises ultrasound energy that stimulates the production of collagen tissues that makes the skin firm.

Here are a few benefits of using HIFU for skin treatment:

Benefits of HIFU for skin treatment

  • The process is non-invasive

You do not have to worry anymore about incisions as the HIFU technique does not require any incisions. This can be quite a relief for most people who have always been in fear of seeking skin treatments because of the incisions, or other invasive measures.

  • Tightens saggy skin

HIFU technique is particularly useful in tightening saggy skin that may occur as a result of ageing. The energy from the ultrasound device stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, a tissue that is produced in smaller and smaller quantities as one ages, that can feel hollow and make the skin firm again. Women are especially more concerned with the condition of their skin than men, and they have every reason to be since they were made to shine.

  • Lifts the eyebrows, cheeks, and eyelids

As one age away, the parts that are mostly affected include the cheeks, eyelids and eyebrows. If you do not contain them within time, they will end up sagging to great heights. Once these body parts have shrunk, you no longer have the attractive facial appearance that you had when you were younger. The good news is that the HIFU technique can help to lift these parts and make them firm once more.

  • Safe

The HIFU technique is safer than the traditional skin tightening process because it poses fewer risks to the skin. The only side effect that one might experience with the HIFU method is mild redness and swelling. On the other hand, the surgical skin tightening procedure poses a lot of danger to the skin including bleeding, pain, infections, hair loss, and blood clots on the place of the incision.

  • Defines the jawline

Lastly, the HIFU technique can assist in defining the jawline and tightening of the décolletage. Remember that ageing may deform your jawline and the upper and lower jaws will end up sideways. The traditional facelift technique is barely used in defining jawlines because of the danger it poses to one’s jaws.

Tips for finding an excellent HIFU specialist

Finding a good HIFU specialist is a demanding process, especially if it is your first time. Here are a few tips to help you easily locate a suitable one for your needs:

Well-experienced – HIFU specialists have to be well experienced since they are dealing with the health of a person just like a physician. The number of years of their services down the line can tell you the level of experience they have.

Location – a good HIFU specialist should be easy to locate and access at any time because you may need their services urgently. Selecting a nearby specialist can be a good idea.

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