Why PWDs Need to Find Work

Disability is not an inability many people would say, but still many employers do not consider hiring these categories of people. That is why non-governmental organizations and human rights groups advocate for the inclusion of people living with disabilities in the workforce. People living with disabilities have unique strengths that if tapped can help organizations reach greater heights. Besides these people need to integrate into society, enjoy social contacts with the rest, and earn a livelihood like the rest. So why is it important to include PWDs in the workforce? The following are the genuine reasons why.

For an opportunity to earn a livelihood

People living with disabilities have those who depend on them just like the rest of us. Children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings. If they can undertake some tasks, they should be given the priority and the necessary support to tap and advance their talents to greater heights. And you know what, these people can deliver results because they work with so much focus and dedication trying to prove a point that, despite my disability, I can do well in this and that! Listening to some of the testimonies this category of people gives after getting a job, it is inspiring to know how their lives were in despair until they landed a job.

Social contact

Most people living with disabilities lack social contact. It is at the workplace that PWDs can connect and meet with people to interact socially for them to feel like they are not marginalized. Most PWDs agree that having a job reduces loneliness and allows them to feel integrated into society. Joblessness leaves them disadvantaged and only reinforces social distance and isolation from the community. Allowing them to serve where they can be, allowing them to fulfil some of their dreams like getting married, bringing up children just like a normal person, and helping reduce negative attitudes that PWDs often portray in the limelight while seeking social protection. Besides, empowering them will reduce the stigma from them having to depend on others to get some essential requirements.

Boosts self-esteem

Employing people living with disabilities helps boost their self-esteem and offers them a chance to contribute to building society. The sense of contributing to a cause reiterates their ability and makes them feel included. You can simply hear them say how working for society helps them build a positive attitude and have self-confidence in airing out their views without feeling belittled.

Problems PWDs face in their quest for work

Even though they would like to have their contributions to building society count, there are challenges these people face. For example, many of them fail to acquire an education that would help them acquire employable skills. The rapidly changing labour markets leave PWDs at a disadvantaged angle because they are not flexible enough to beat the competition like the rest. Another challenge that faces these people is the negative perception of the employers who think employing a PWD is like adding a liability to the company or organization. Another problem facing PWDs is their inability to access self-employment opportunities due to a lack of capital and funding. Luckily, today human rights organizations have fought tooth and nail to ensure that chances are reserved for PWDs by any potential employer.

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