Phase 3, One in Three Workers Is Worried About Returning to Work

Starting again but in safety’. This is the phrase that has characterized and still characterizes the methods of managing the crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. Yet, 1 in 3 workers (32%), among those who have returned to work, say that returning is a reason for fear and disorientation. This is what emerges from the new analysis of the Nomisma Observatory ‘The World After Lockdown’ which monitors the reactions of Italians to the lockdown, commissioned by UniSalute and which investigated the sentiment of Italian workers upon returning to the office.

A feeling of tension that also unites those who still work exclusively from home in teleworking or smartworking: for 46% of these, in fact, the idea of ​​returning to the workplace is a cause of fears. Whether it’s the fear of colleagues not complying with safety protocols (45%) or the fear of being infected on the way to work (31%), returning to the office or factory is still a widespread concern. But what are, according to Italian workers, the measures that companies should apply to best guarantee the health of workers? In addition to guaranteeing compliance with national safety protocols (68%), more than half of the Italian workers (58%) emphasize the importance of being able to perform the serological test quickly,

Furthermore, 46% of respondents think that a medical teleconsultation service should be made available to workers in order to receive clarifications and advice on Covid-19, while 43% focus on 1 Cawi survey conducted by the Nomisma research institute in 2020 on a sample of 600 employed Italian citizens stratified by age group (18-65 years), sex and geographical area. on the importance played by the possibility of accessing the home delivery service of drugs in case of illness. These requests, according to what emerges from the Nomisma research, have not yet been intercepted by companies: only 1 worker in 4 (27%) is employed in a company that has offered the possibility to perform the serological test quickly.