Back to the Office: Tips to Do It in Complete Safety

After months in which smart working and social distancing were the watchwords, in the coming weeks many Italians will return to the office, unless the trend of infections undergoes new spikes, given the increasing numbers in many regions, including Lazio.

What to take with you to the office

Those who return to work in their office will have to observe some precautions necessary to avoid putting their own health and that of colleagues at risk. For this reason, in addition to following the behavioral guidelines which we will discuss later, it can be useful to always have a kit with you that contains everything that is essential nowadays to minimize the risks.

What should it contain? First of all, some masks, so as not to have problems in case of last minute forgetfulness or replacement during the day; other essential products are a bottle of hand sanitizing gel and a pack of sanitizing wipes for surfaces, to be used especially in the case where you frequent environments where you often come into contact with surfaces touched by more people, such as desks, counters , shopping carts, buttons, etc. Since these are products in great demand in recent times, it may happen that you cannot stock them in pharmacies, which is why it may be useful in these cases to resort to an online parapharmacy, such as that of Coop for example, to place your order and take advantage of the home delivery.

Finally, two tips that are especially valid for those who use public transport every day: it is better to always have a pair of disposable gloves with you, especially if you frequent very crowded bus and metro lines, and a digital thermometer, in order to avoid public places in case the body temperature exceeds 37.4 ° C.