What to consider before choosing a chiropractor?

Once you have decided to visit a chiropractic Canberra, another daunting task can be which chiropractor to go to. Finding the right chiropractor can be a very daunting task but here are some tips which can help you find a very good chiropractor according to your needs.


The first thing, one should always look at before making an appointment with a chiropractor, doctor or a physiotherapist is to look at their credentials. Do they have the right qualifications? Asking this question will tell you if the chiropractor has the right training and experience to help you. It also depends on the type of issue you are going to get treated. Finding a chiropractor who has more experience with a specific condition, it can be very helpful. You can also ask other people like your doctor, yoga teacher to suggest you a good chiropractor.


Another thing that can help you find the right chiropractor in a short time is their reviews. Almost all the practitioners have online or social media presence and it’s easy to find what their patients have to say about them. Reading the reviews will give you an insight about how they practice,  what type of relationship the chiropractor tries to establish with their patients, how are the appointments handled, how much time they and how much satisfied do the patients feel. You can also check if there is any red flag about the chiropractor’s practices for e.g. patients reporting malpractice.

There are a lot of chiropractors out there who use different techniques for e.g. some chiropractors do joint manipulation with their hand while some use different types of instruments. Sometimes patients have a preference too, some patients feel good immediately after the relief they get from joint popping while some like the idea of a low-force technique. So it’s important to keep these preferences in mind before making a decision


Gender is another important thing that you should consider before going to a chiropractor because it is very important that you feel comfortable with your chiropractor’s gender. It is also very important to take your gender into consideration. Often chiropractors are different in the treatment of men and women so it’s better to ask your chiropractor about their experience.

Among all the good things that one should look for in a qualified chiropractor there are some red flags too which one should also consider to rule out some options and make the right decision. Some chiropractors prioritize their wealth over the wellbeing of the patient. Although it is a good idea to visit a chiropractor regularly, one should also consider cost, time and other factors. You should look for these warning signs in the reviews of the patients, these warning signs could be excessive x-rays, treating areas that don’t hurt, excessive supplementation etc.

One thing which you can ask from a patient or ex-patient of the chiropractor is how soon they started feeling the improvements. Normally a patient’s pain should be decreased by 50% depending on the severity of the condition. If you find a chiropractor suggesting a six month or twelve month plan, cross them off of your list.

A good chiropractor will do everything to make you feel better as early as possible. He’ll also suggest ways to avoid future problems and won’t ask for unnecessary wellness checkups.