Significance of Automatic Breast Pumps

An automatic breast pump is a type of electronic device that is used to siphon breast milk from mothers to be used to feed a baby when the mother is unable to breastfeed.

Automatic breast pumps have gained popularity for their many advantages that users enjoy. Once an automatic breast pump is set on the mother’s breasts, it uses electricity as its source of power to automatically siphon breast milk without human help.

The automatic breast pump should be handled with care to avoid the risk of damaging the mother’s nipples as a result of excessive force.

Advantages of electric breast pump over traditional breast pumps

In the past, manual breast pumps had several limitations that made it difficult for mothers to rely on them. However, with the advancement in technology, those limitations were addressed with the invention of a modern kind of breast pump, the automatic breast pumps. The automatic breast pumps have the following advantages over their predecessors:

  • It is easy to use an automatic breast pump – It is pretty much easier to use an automatic breast pump than using a manual breast pump because the automatic breast pumps trigger breast milk production and then pump it out without any human help. The manual breast pump requires a user to constantly squeeze the gallons with their hands for it to function.
  • It can pump out breast milk from both breasts simultaneously – Automatic breast pumps have double pumps that can simultaneously pump out breast milk, making the process quick and efficient. A manual breast pump only allows pumping on one side before moving to the other side, which makes the process slow and time-consuming.
  • Highly efficient and reliable – The fact that an automatic breast pump can be used without much human effort and does not require a lot of thinking while using it makes it reliable.
  • Simple to clean – The nice thing about an automatic breast pump is that it comes with its cleaning tools. The tools are efficient in cleaning and take less time to clean, unlike a manual breast pump which needs an arrangement of cleaning tools that may be ineffective.
  • Time-saving – As mentioned earlier, automatic breast pumps are highly efficient and quicken the whole process thus saving on time and allowing a mother to tend to other duties.

Categories of mothers who should consider using breast automatic pumps

  • Working-class mothers – Nowadays, most women have jobs to sort out just like men. Therefore, automatic breast pumps come in handy when they are still breastfeeding and they also have to attend to their jobs.
  • Mothers with premature pregnancies – A prematurely born baby may not be strong enough to suckle milk directly from a mother’s nipples. Thus, automatic breast pumps can be used for the job until a baby is strong enough to suckle from the mother’s breast.
  • A mother with two or more kids – A mother who has been blessed with twins or more might have problems when it is feeding time. However, having automated breast milk will ensure each child is well fed and the rate of growth if equal.
  • A mother who produces excess milk – The automated breast pumps are also necessary for mothers who produce excess milk which a baby cannot consume at one. The milk is pumped out and stored for future use rather than letting it overflow and causing distress to the mother.

An automated breast pump is an excellent innovation that has enabled mothers to balance between tending to their baby while going to work.