The Major Benefits Of Bariatric Medical Beds

Bariatric medical beds are special kinds of beds that are designed for heavyweight patients. The beds have unique features compared to the standard hospital beds and provide patients with much-needed comfort while they rest.

Benefits of bariatric beds

The following are some of the benefits that bariatric medical beds bring to their patients as well as their caregivers.

  • Provides the needed comfort – Bariatric patients spend most of their time lying on the bed. Hence, the bariatric medical beds provide comfort because the bed contains many features to help a patient lie in a favourable position.
  • Allows for flexibility – Bariatric beds have control knobs that can allow a patient to adjust their position to a more comfortable one on their own. Maintaining one position for a long period is not good for a patient’s health, leading to further problems.
  • Easy mobility – A bariatric medical bed can be raised or lowered to allow the patient to easily get out of the bed or to get on the bed. The ability to adjust the height makes the mobility of the patients quick and simpler.
  • Ease the work of caregivers – The bariatric medical beds have automatic controls with no need to manually turn a patient on the bed. You can either use a remote for electric beds or adjust the knobs to achieve a given position.
  • They are durable – Since bariatric beds are used to support heavyweights, they are made of strong metal capable of withstanding extremely heavyweight. Unlike an ordinary hospital bed that will break the moment such a patient sits on it.
  • They are easy to clean – Bariatric beds have waterproof fabric that cannot catch stains easily. The caregiver takes less time cleaning the bed. The bed also takes less time to dry up.

What type of bariatric medical bed is suitable for a patient?

Medical bed for bariatric patients vary in shape, size, carrying capacity, and prices. They are also made from different companies, making their quality different. You need to make sure that the bed is from a reputable vendor that is known for producing the best medical beds around. However, any bariatric bed is suitable for the bariatric patient provided that it conforms to the following:

  • The carrying capacity is above the patient’s weight – First, the bed should be able to support the weight of the patient. You can find this out by asking for the carrying capacity of the bed.
  • It is affordable – If the bed meets the size requirements, the next thing to check is the price. Find out its price and if it is close to what you were expecting. If there is a big range between the actual price and your initial price, you can opt to move to the next firm or even do some agreements until you reach a favourable price.
  • It has safety measures – You must check all the safety measures it has been equipped with to avoid risking the patient’s life. Ensure there are side rails to keep the patient in place. Besides, make sure that the electrical cables are well hidden and cannot result in electrocution in the bariatric electric beds.
  • It is easily adjustable – Lastly, test the bed to see if the adjustment knobs are working properly.  Once you have done the above checks, you should then go on and purchase the right bed for your patient.